FOMOFEST 2016 • 8/6/2016

A celebration of the best in Memphis music, all on one stage, all on one day.

FOMO stands for "Fear Of Missing Out" - FOMOfest Memphis is a celebration of local independent music designed to bring you up-and-coming and established acts tied to our fair city.

Our mission is to broaden exposure of the diverse talent emanating from and inspired by Memphis, and give Memphians a way to experience it all on one day, in one place, so NO ONE HAS TO MISS OUT!

The second annual FOMOfest is a one day event at the newly rennovated Levitt Shell in beautiful Overton Park. This year we will feature over a dozen top local bands from a wide variety of genres including Marcella & Her Lovers, Jack-O and the Sheiks, Southern Aveneue, Ex-Cult, The Incredible Hook and Devil Train!. The party of the summer will include arts/crafts vendors, food trucks, and Memphis' best local brews on tap.

VIP Tickets Available In Advance with access to the fully catered VIP deck with open Beer/Wine bar, along with discount advance tickets!


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We're gathering the best independent music in Memphis - 13 acts / one stage / one day!
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2:00 PM
Have you ever imagined what Katy Perry would sound like if she’d been raised on DIY punk rock ethos? If you have, you are halfway to understanding the force behind FRENCHIE!
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Brian Hawkins Blues Party

2:35 PM
Celebrating the gritty roots of American music, from blues born in the Mississippi River Delta and the North Mississippi Hill Country, to juke joint soul from the swamps of West Memphis Arkansas…
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Artistik Approach

3:10 PM
Artistik Approach is a musical fusion of old and new. From hip-hop to doo-wop. Artistik Approach is a group of individuals expressing their creativity through a medium called music.
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The Lesser Known

3:40 PM
Glam and Grit, Memphis-made original music. A delightfully decadent packet of splendor – wrapped in debauchery n positively dripping with pretentiousness!
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4:15 PM
Jazz Infused Indie Soul Folk Pop – all that! Hear that flow. Taste that sugar. Pass that Syrrup.
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Ex Cult

4:50 PM
A memphis-based punk cyclone! Touching on post-punk, psych sprawl, and early 80s hardcore while remaining beholden to none. They have the power to convert even the most jaded and bored concertgoer into a sweaty mess in the pit!
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Zigadoo Moneyclips

5:30 PM
Does pop music have to be terrible? Zigadoo Moneyclips thinks not. Bizarre but satisfying, their unique style of SexMoneyAntiPop is born from an unlikely combination of catchy hooks and unusual lyrical decisions.
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Jack O and the Sheiks

6:10 PM
“Jack Oblivian, a legend of our generation, LIVE, with the young and hard hitting Memphis band THE SHEIKS backing him up! Blasting thru hit after hit…a party Platter you don’t wanna miss!!!” -Red Lounge Records
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The Incredible Hook

6:50 PM
Founded in 2010, Memphis’ Incredible Hook describe themselves as ‘Memphis’s Best Disco Glam Funk Synth Sex Pop Rock Band’. They ride the waves of disco funk and dance-rock in a space pirate vessel lashed together by 60s Brit-pop and swooning Motown soul.
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Southern Ave

7:30 PM
Deeply rooted in blues, Southern Avenue consists of award winning guitarist Ori Naftaly, vocalist Tierinii Jackson, and her younger sister Tikyra Jackson on drums. Backed by Memphis’ best, Daniel Mckee on bass, Southern Avenue is the high energy Soul-Roots band that are considered by many to be the “future of the genre”.
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Joshua Payne

8:10 PM
Joshua Payne is blessed with a big, classically-trained voice and a soul to match. An accomplished singer with experience in every musical genre, and a lyricist, epic poet, composer, arranger and producer of uncommon sensitivity and power.
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Marcella & Her Lovers

8:45 PM
Swamp soul. Louisiana met Memphis and birthed the sound of Marcella and her Lovers. One detects in Simien’s music subtle yet devastating touches of the Memphis and Muscle Shoals sounds infused with the fingerprint of her Creole ancestors—that now laughing, now sighing Zydeco accordion and exhortations in shouted Creole French.
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Devil Train

9:25 PM
Our Grand Finale here to bring down the house – Devil Train is a six man, gypsy, jazz, bluegrass skiffle band not to be missed.